About lumjo Consultants



lumjo Consultants is a company that evolved out of a partnership first established in 1995. It was setup to provide consultancy services in computer solutions ranging from hardware, software to Internet based solutions to clients in Uganda. 

The consultants within lumjo are charged with the responsibility of identifying computer systems requirements, developing and implementing the identified solutions, and providing support as far as possible to clients through training and day-to-day support for all solutions. 

We have extensive experience in the implementation of custom software, tailor made © for large or small organisations where the key objective is to have a product that suits one’s operations rather than changing one’s modus operandi to match one’s software.

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    We have provided consultancy services to many businesses and organisations in Uganda. Many Banks and organisations in construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, and NGOs have sought lumjo Consultants to guide them in the implementation of their IT Strategies.

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    Our staff are well qualified to assist in the implementation of Software and Internet-based solutions on most types of environments and development platforms. We also provide unmatched customer support and innovative business solutions.

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    Company structure & staff

    We are structured, organised and administered to offer clients the dual benefits of individual attention plus the expertise required to develop and maintain the highest quality of our consultancy services.

Our Leadership team

Lumumba Wambogo

Lumumba Wambogo

Josephine Olok

Josephine Olok


The founding directors are Lumumba Wambogo, BA (Comp Sc., Econ.), LLB, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; and Josephine Olok, MSc. (Advanced Computing), BSc (Eng) Computing Science Imperial College, London, United Kingdom. 

Lumumba and Josephine are skilled individuals, with the relevant technical and management experience in the IT industry. Alongside our founders, we employ highly qualified consultants with expertise Software Engineering, Website Designing, Data Design and Manipulation.