We have developed a suite of applications for our banking clients including the central bank to automate the generation of payments files that form part of the Clearing House process. The applications include: a cheque scanning and cheque clearing system, MICR Cheque Clearing; the generation of files for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments; and the computing of unpaid cheque charges, Unpaid Cheque Processor.


As an integral application in our suite of banking applications, this system was developed for our banking clients as part of the transformation to truncation cheque clearing which applies to all Banks in Uganda. Though custom configured for each client the system involves the integration of equipment (MICR Cheque Readers) with Clearing Software, which in turn has to be integrated with clients’ Core Banking Systems and ultimately the exchange of encrypted data with the Central Bank


This system has been developed as part of the Clearing House requirements in Uganda to facilitate local electronic Funds Transfer for our banking clients.


This system has been developed as part of the enhancement of back-end automation for our banking clients. The various modules permit the client to generate large volumes of outgoing EFTs and internal payments both inward and outgoing using standard and bespoke file formats. The system further enables the processing of incoming RTGS messages for upload to local customer accounts.