These system in addition to providing a front end to an inventory database for a client also allows the generation of equipment movement forms, and subsequent update of the central database from remote points. It allows the central location (or a Head Office) to monitor the location, movement, and utilisation of equipment at branch locations. The system works over a combination of a LAN, lease line and VSAT based WAN ported to a Win2K® Server.


CASMS has been designed and implemented to keep track of all orders, deliveries, requisitions, payments and inventories relating to stock and stationery items as furnished by Suppliers and consumed by Client Departments, Staff or Cost Centres. We have implemented the system for clients in the banking, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.


We have been able to provide integration of our CASMS application with the URA Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System and have the capacity to integrate other accounting systems with EFRIS.