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Support Services

lumjo Consultants provide after-sales support for all services delivered to its clients. Our staff are always available to visit and guide clients through any potential problems and provide assistance in selecting new services as the client’s needs grow. lumjo Consultants can also provide formal training for standard desktop packages if required by clients.

Down-time costs money and impacts on productivity which is why we put so much emphasis on pre-emptive management, using remote monitoring and regular service checks to identify where problems may arise.

Reducing the number of calls to the helpdesk makes our life easier and means the client can get on with their business uninterrupted. But when calls come, we will solve the problems quickly and efficiently. Over 80 per cent of reported problems can be dealt with from our control centre. Different levels of on-site support are available for the rest.

Maintenance services are offered on a fixed price basis with no hidden costs and a fundamental commitment to solving problems with minimum disruption to the business.

Network Maintenance Contracts

lumjo Consultants is best employed to deliver comprehensive network maintenance solutions to clients. Our proactive network maintenance is the most cost-effective way to avoid disruptions to your business, reducing operating costs and eliminating downtime.

We can take the responsibility for all or a section of your network including desktops, network infrastructure, servers and the associated software and security infrastructure to go with it. Through our dedicated network management team of certified IT professionals and support staff, lumjo Consultants will assesses your total network environment focusing on physical network infrastructure and equipment as well as performance, security and domains. Following this evaluation we will integrate a network management support solution, which assures optimum performance and robust network security.

A lumjo Consultants network maintenance contract leaves an organisation’s IT function free to build core competencies and focus directly on critical business issues in addition to freeing up human and financial resources for more critical IT projects. Organisations gain access to highly skilled, certified engineers that will proactively monitor, maintain, and manage their business network.

Remote Network Administration

lumjo Consultants' remote network administration solutions aim to remove the burden of network management from your organisation, allowing your IT staff to concentrate on their core business functions. In fact we will act as your IT department, providing clients with a remote network administrator, meaning they have a single source of contact for all IT issues.

With an agreed monthly maintenance fee, which is just a fraction of what you will pay to your full-time IT technician or support team, we guarantee that you will benefit from a high quality service from a highly professional team of engineers who will be at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them.

Our team of network engineers and technicians are highly experienced and skilled at monitoring, analysing and resolving system performance issues on a real-time basis. As part of our remote system administration, we undertake a thorough review of your existing system, ensuring optimal system use and addressing issues before they become critical.

lumjo Consultants ensure clients are kept up to date with the performance of their system by providing reports of key prescheduled activities that have successfully occurred. Should any of these tasks fail, clients are informed and lumjo Consultants will correct the situation. We embrace open and collaborative relationships with our clients, ensuring that our network maintenance activity creates measurable results towards defined objectives.

OnSite Helpdesk Services

lumjo Consultants provide onsite help desk services to clients who, for whatever reason, do not wish to service this function themselves. The provision of these services have released enormous resources within the IT departments of our clients, enabling them to switch focus from day to day operational issues to long term profit generating IT development within the organisation.

Our highly experienced IT technicians serve as a single point of contact for all your technology support needs. Certified and trained in the latest Microsoft and and Linux based technologies, lumjo Consultants' IT professionals work closely with each client on an ongoing basis to ensure consistent, quality onsite service and technical support solutions.

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